Hank Garrett, the original "Tough Guy" blends of ginger, sandalwood, black coconut, mandarin, basil, water mint, nutmeg, cedarwood, lotus, amber, musk, violet leaf and suede create a woodsy and aromatic fragrance that will not only make you feel sophisticated and ready to be a "Tough Guy" and take on the world.

Hank Garrett - The original "Tough Guy"

  • CBT Candle Los Angeles is proud to have created this fragrance for Hank and to have him as part of their celebrity cast and I am lucky enough to be able to call him a "friend." A wonderful man with a big heart.


    Hank Garrett (born Henry Greenberg Cohen Sandler Weinblatt) is an American actor, comedian, writer & producer who is best known for his role as the Killer Mailman in the film, Three Days of the Condor and for the television role of Officer Nicholson on Car 54, Where Are You? Garrett has acted in over 80 television productions including Paris (co-starring with James Earl Jones), and episodes of Columbo, The Dukes of Hazzard, Knots Landing, Max Headroom, Santa Barbara, Three's Company, Airwolf, Knight Rider, Dragnet, Kojak and Alien Nation. Garrett is also known for his voiceover work on Garfield and GI Joe. Among Garrett's other film credits are notable roles in Serpico, Death Wish, and The Sentinel.


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