"Mulberry" - a blend of Dark cherry, strawberry, tangerine, orange and mango.

"Lemongrass Lily" - A combination of grass notes with a touch of lemon


You may get one of her autographed candles in an attractive 10oz Glass Jar with Lid.

DIANA "Dilee" MAHER Soy Candle

  • Diana “Dilee” Maher is a cross-media artist who began her musical career in the San Diego/Los Angeles, California area. Her mixed lineage (50% broadly Southern European, 50% Southeast Asian including Native American ancestry) fostered a strong desire to bring cultures together in an atmosphere of positivity and spirituality. Dilee dedicates all of her music “to the Divine.” She is a creative and inspiring storyteller that uses her voice to heal. Her music continues to bring society together in a vision without hate or jealousy.

    “Devotion to our Creator, to me, means embracing and giving the magic of kindness to every living thing as a particle of the all,” says Dilee, “and I believe each one of us is inter-connected.”


    Our beautiful 10oz Clear Glass Soy Jar Candle with a silver lid comes in "Mulberry" & "Lemongrass Lily", two of our "CELEBRITY" brands.  Made in California with 100% all natural Soy wax, you will not find any other candle that has our wonderful scent throw. Our "CELEBRITY" brands outshine and out smell our competitors. Our cotton wicks will ensure a clean burn time.


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