Sheena's Scents

Every product in CBT Candle LA's Sheena Metal Collection is like an extension of Sheena herself; reflective of her own personal passions, inspirations and ideologies...and has been designed to stimulate your mind, sooth your heart and free your soul.




Sheena's first fragrance is light, crisp and refreshing. It was created to lift your spirit, free you from emotional burden and make your essence rise...with notes of Freesia, Lily, Musk, Peony, Tamarind, Tuberose and Vetiver.


Rebirth (3 Scent Set): Designed to cleanse your spiritual and emotional palate and set you onto your personal path of clarity, evolvement and enlightenment. Each item in this series, features a base note of sage:

Purity - Cedarwood/Sage

Enlightenment -   Eucalyptus/Spearmint/Sage

Truth - Clove/Tangerine/Vanilla/Sage.



Sheena's personal olfactory palette always begins with harmonious and tranquil aromas, of Lavender and Vanilla, and this scent was designed to replace worry, anxiety and negativity with a gentle, soothing, calming bliss...with notes of Amber, Bergamot, Lavender, Musk, Orange and Vanilla.

On The Beach:

Like Sheena's hometown, Surf City, California, this relaxing, tropical, citrus Pineapple/Coconut combination, smells like a morning at the ocean and a lazy afternoon, in your favorite seaside watering hole...with notes of Grapefruit, Orange, Peach, and Spiced Cranberry.

Victorian Rose Garden:
A tribute to Sheena's beloved mother, who was never far from a vase of cut roses, a rose essential oil or a bathroom full of rose-scented beauty products. This unique aroma combines a vintage, classic, antique elegance with a natural, fresh, open-hearted levity...with notes of Amber and Musk.



Raising the Vibration:
The signature scent of Sheena's movement of peace, love, kindness and unity, It was specifically blended to raise both your personal energetic vibration and the vibration of the Earth...with notes of Amber, Patchouli and Vanilla.


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