Sheena Metal is a spiritual counselor, intuitive and emotional empath, who specializes in personal vibrational motivation, soul enlightenment and energetic healing. She was born in New Haven, CT. and, as a teenager, moved to Huntington Beach, CA.; immersing herself in the essence, of Pacific Ocean beach culture, which has become an important part of her spiritual ideology and rejuvenative work. Sheena comes by her gifts naturally, through her maternal line, which is of Irish Southern heritage. Her mother, who hailed from Louisville, KY., was a gifted psychic/medium, child therapist and public school teacher. Her father, who was also from Connecticut, was an obstetrician and a midwife.

Sheena has an eclectic belief system, she refers to as "spiritual salad bar"...part indigenous Celtic/Pagan, part Judeo-Christian, a little Buddhist/Hindu and a lot of New Age/Metaphysical. In addition to her time spent interpreting Universal, Angelic and/or spirit guide messages, Sheena has educated herself in the fields of: numerology,  cryptozoology, ufology, demonology, parapsychology and theology. She is an interfaith minister, who received her ordination through American Trinity University, where she holds the title of Deacon. Sheena is also a student of Greek astrology, who uses the planetary placements of someone's birth/life stage, to help them better understand their past, present and future path, personality and destiny, in hopes of finding a happier, spiritually-enriched and more-connected self.

She has been involved in both the psychic and the paranormal worlds, for most of her life. Sheena is a paranormal survivor, who lived, for many years of her childhood, in an extremely active haunted house. There, she witnessed apparitions, ghostly noises, poltergeist activity, paranormal attacks and more. Since then, Sheena has dedicated herself to assisting others, who have had the same fate. She has worked on a variety of television, radio and film projects, as an intuitive advisor, motivational speaker, spiritual/paranormal expert and ghost investigator; moderating Q&A's, hosting live broadcasts and participating in paranormal/spiritual gatherings from Savannah, GA. to Sedona, AZ. Sheena is an active member of LAPA ("Los Angeles Paranormal Association"), PRRS ("Paranormal Research and Resource Society"), PIHA ("Paranormal Investigations of Haunted America") and is the founder, of "Surf City Paranormal".

As a psychic, Sheena Metal runs her own spiritual practice, based in Los Angeles, called "I Am Raising Your Vibration", which emphasizes motivation/healing of your energetic vibration, through spiritual counseling, consulting and guidance. She has worked numerous entertainment industry events, in Hollywood, including the NBC/Universal employee Christmas party (annually) and the "50 Shades of Darker" premiere. Sheena recently took part, in two reality TV show pilots, one for Telepictures ("Ellen" / "Extra") and the other for Magical Elves ("Project Runway"/"Top Chef"), which also starred Jill-Michele Melean ("MADtv" and Carlos Alazraqui ("Reno 911!"). She is a regular guest/co-host on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" recurring psychic, Rebecca Fearing's, "Dancing with Ghosts" television show and the resident host, for Patti Negri's (Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures") "Revive Your Spirit" and "Wanted: Dead or Alive" symposiums. Earlier this year, Patti, Sheena and a 103 year-old haunted doll, named Belle, joined forces to host a new web series, about the people who cohabitate peacefully, with positive spirits, called "Living with the Dead".

She is a candle enthusiast and a devotee, of their healing properties. Sheena has a signature line, from CBT Candle LA, called “Experience” and will launch her second line “Ascension” (which will also features essential oils), also through CBT, later this year. She is currently working on her first book, a guide to staying in the light, in spite of the distractions of darkness, as well as a biographic novel, about both the spiritual and the three-dimensional world gifts, she’s received from her mother, in life and in death.

As an artist, Sheena has spent many years, as an actress, writer, director, comedian and journalist. She has been a talk radio host for over twenty years and currently helms four top-rated shows for LA Talk Radio, in Los Angeles, including the spiritual/paranormal, "Haunted Playground" and her daily, "Sheena Metal Experience”, which she also broadcasts live, from the renowned Hollywood Improv, quarterly. She regularly teaches both children and adults with physical and/or intellectual differences for: Actors with Autism, Performing Arts Studio West, Meet the Biz and also for Lifeworks’ “Models of Pride”, a weekend of LGBTQ mentoring at the University of Southern California.


As a philanthropist, Sheena works with many spiritual, humane and cultural organizations. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for Ensemble Studio Theatre Los Angeles, the Artemis Women in Action Film Festival, the Moreno Valley Cultural Arts Foundation, SIA Organization and the Huntington Beach Historical Society. She also works with the Harvey Milk Foundation. Each year, Sheena directs a celebrity charity production of Eve Ensler’s poignant play, “The Vagina Monologues”, with nearly 100 actresses, all of whom have been guests on her radio shows, to raise awareness about and money for anti-violence charities.


On November 9, 2016, Sheena Metal founded “I Am Raising the Vibration of the Nation (and the World)”, a non-profit, movement of peace, love, kindness and unity, in her mother’s memory, that has grown to include: a companion radio show (, a daily motivational site (, a monthly blog/vlog (, live events/gatherings, upcoming motivational handbooks and an online outreach community (  It can all be found online at:

Sheena believes that all things are rooted in spirituality, that happiness and peace come from within and that a strong, yet pure, connection to your Higher Power is a crucial element, in a productive and balanced existence. She understands that the Universe is a delicate blend of light and dark energies; and that by surrounding one's self in positivity, optimism and joy, you can repel the negativity from yourself, your environment and from the planet.

For more information, or to book a session, contact Sheena Metal at: and on social media: @SheenaMetal.

What She Does


"I Am Raising Your Vibration", is a spiritual outreach created by psychic adviser, Sheena Metal, a sensitive intuitive, emotional empath, interfaith minister and vibrational motivationalist, who emphasizes the growth and healing of your energetic essence, soul enlightenment and rejuvenative healing, through clairvoyant counseling, consulting and guidance. She is the founder of “I Am Raising the Vibration of the Nation (and the World)”, a global non-profit, movement of peace, love, kindness and unity. 

"I Am Raising Your Vibration" is comprised of what Metal likes to call the "spiritual salad bar", encompassing all faiths and combining the ideologies of: the Judeo-Christian religions, Buddhist/Hindu faiths, Celtic/Pagan traditions, Native American creeds, New Age/Metaphysical practices, and both Pacific Ocean beach culture and Irish Southern philosophies, as well as using the many varied otherworldly interpretations including: Universal/Angelic messages, Greek astrology, numerology, ufology, demonology, as well as the healing properties of candles, oils and herbs. 

Through "I Am Raising Your Vibration", Sheena helps people to better understand their past, present and future paths, personality and destiny, in hopes of finding a happier, emotionally-enriched and ethereally-connected self, by dealing with grief/loss, overcoming trauma, connecting with loved ones who have passed, strengthening your personal vibration, building stronger relationships with others and developing your own extra-sensory gifts. "I Am Raising Your Vibration" is a guide to staying in the light, in spite of the distractions of darkness, both in the three-dimensional world and in the spirit realm.

Sheena believes that all things are rooted in one's spirituality, that happiness and peace come from within your heart and soul, and that a strong, yet pure, connection to your Higher Power is a crucial element, to having a productive and balanced existence, wherein you have manifested, an elevated vibration. She also believes that the Universe is a delicate blend of light and dark energies and that surrounding, by yourself in positivity, optimism and joy, you can repel the negativity from yourself and your environment, co-exist harmoniously and co-create passionately, with all of the creatures of a gentler, warmer, brighter Earth.

Each of us are perpetually expanding and evolving, as a constant outpouring of blessings and challenges are places in front of us, at every turn. There is always work to do and there is always room to grow...and Sheena is here to help. For more information, please visit:


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