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Sheena Metal has been a talk radio host for almost 25 years. This year, Sheena celebrates ten years, at LA Talk Radio, where she helms four shows: the top-rated, award-winning, daily afternoon drivetime, “Sheena Metal Experience" (which Talkers Magazine named one of their prestigious “Frontier Fifty”), the spooky, scary, psychic and spiritual, “Haunted Playground”, the unsigned and indie-signed, artist-centric, “Music Highway” and the passionate, giveback, service-driven, “Raising The Vibration” (an outreach of her movement of peace, love, kindness and unity and which lives in the places where spirituality/culture and politics/sociology, meet humanitarianism/philanthropy). Prior to her time, at LA Talk Radio, Sheena spent many years, behind the mic, on the then-Howard Stern affiliate, KLSX (97.1: The FM Talk Station), where she was the subject of a comprehensive spread in the “Los Angeles Times: Sunday Calendar” and featured in Michael C. Keith's book "Sounds in the Dark", currently in publication, with a forward by radio icon, Larry King. Quarterly, Sheena broadcasts her "Sheena Metal Experience" show, live at the world famous Hollywood Improv, with celebrity guests onstage and a full house of her radio listeners, in the audience. Sheena can be found online at:,,,, and on social media, @SheenaMetal.


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